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This far jump will transfer control directly into the RTOS from the user code when executed.

It works fine in non-blocking mode, but anyway: is it correct to do this? Bulkin Bulkin 8 8 freertos i2c badges 25 25 bronze badges. Both ways are valid.

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I freertos i2c simple. Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. FreeRTOS v Find file Copy path. Go back. The communicaton between the calling thread and the ISR is realized by a simple static freertos i2c struct and a semaphore Console commands supported are ls to list files of directorycd change directorypwd present working directory and cat text file read operation. Run the application.

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This might take a minute or two to complete. A table is printed at the end of the test with the RAW throughput numbers for each buffer size. Example demonstrating infra DMA, interrupt freertos i2c use case. Reference example freertos i2c developers. User observes the output printed over the CCS console. L2 cache size 0.


Pushing the same pointer twice is illegal. In hardware it does something similar to double linking the same object into two places of a software linked list. General lost descriptors Its not a bad idea to have code that can inventory all your descriptors as part of freertos i2c debug. Iterate over all queues, and pop all descriptors. Set a bit in a large bitmap for freertos i2c descriptor found. By examining the contents of descriptor s and buffer scan often determine who last used them therefore what part of code lost them. If large amounts of descriptors are missing, it means there is a bug.

Example demonstrating freertos i2c test use case. Modes of Operation Security accelerator library ti. It is shown how multiple sockets with different Source IDs can post transactions and process the pending interrupt raised by SRIO device.


freertos i2c In this test case each core performs the role of a producer and consumer. The test starts with Core 1 sending data to Core 2.

Core 2 receives and validates the data and sends another data message to Core3; which receives and validates the data and sends another different data message to Core 0. Core 0 then sends a message to Core 1 which is received and validated. The benchmarking freertos i2c code allows the user to run core to core in loopback mode internal or external on a single EVM, freertos i2c board to board using the external interface between two EVMs.

See below for details on configuring board-to-board. Link is established and data is exchanged. Loopback runs without any extra hardware. Freertos i2c these appear, it means double ecc error occurred and the link is non functional.

This is fatal error. After startup these should increment slowly order of minutes, hours, days, not seconds or less. See references section. Note that if the link goes down uncorrectable ECC error it is possible for the entire interconnect to lock up. If this occurs, it will not be freertos i2c to access any memory even through the JTAG interface CCS will return errors instead of reading memory, and often disconnect the target.

I2C management - FreeRTOS

freertos i2c Problem with FreeRTOS, it is the scheduler which interrupt the thread for a minimum time of 1ms it is the OS tick time : if I freertos i2c a for loop, I can't know maximum timing and my I2C process do nothing during loops.Hello I am developing a system in which multiple tasks of different priorities communicate over an I2C bus. FreeRTOS is running on the master.


One question was: “I have a freertos i2c of freertos i2c I2C sensors, what is a good PSoC FreeRTOS scheme to share the I2C bus?”. Each sensor has a thread, and there is a global Mutex to lock/unlock the I2C bus.

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The design of the PSoC FreeRTOS firmware with a single I2C interface thread.

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