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Windows 10 3 Apr 4, Similar threads Question Logitech G 7.

Question Individual program sound constantly being lowered for no apparent reason"Download storport. Android Smartphones. Started by mlad Today at AM Replies: 0. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser check storport proceeding.

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Previous Next Sort by votes. It is fine if it shows up with an exclamation mark or as unknown device. I wanted to check storport Static Driver Verifier.

Should I next try going back to the last known good configuration? No third party driver is shown as causing any of the crashes. This may be a hardware problem. Can you provide some more info on the computer? Hi If the removing the battery worked fine, then I guess you have a problem in the internet explorer, so I would recommend to install another web browser and I recommend Google Chrome, and I would also recommend that you uninstall your anti-virus and install the microsoft essentials. Also, it may help to look at the minidump files from the crashes with a debugger. Hi According to what I have read, you are having a blue screen,and in the top bottom of it there is Physical dumping check storport a percentage timer.

Storport miniport: showing disk in disk management creating problem — OSR

If this is what you meant then you have these solutions: - Maybe what you are having is due to an electric problem, in this case try to start up your laptop, without the battery; if this was solved, then put the battery back, and the check storport would disappear. I have tried re-installing 3 times all with clean re-installs i. This is causing periodic severe distortion with sound whilst gaming or watching movies, which is very irritating. I have check storport all drivers to the newest drivers possible, there is no security software on the system other than that which came with windows.


Any help with this would be appreciated. I am experiencing the same problem.

How to Fix Storport.sys GSOD on Windows 10?

The symptoms are Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated. AMD SB check storport for sata hard drive, usb, network, sound. I've run the Assessment and Deployment Kit steps you listed above, and it seems to have found excessive lag problems with storport. In the process I updated to AMDs latest drivers Then I ran Latency Monitor to see it was storport. check storport


Check storport it seems to work correctly. Hi Cathel, To troubleshoot this issue, we need more information, so that we can detect the root cause of this issue.


I would suggest you to run the Assessment and deployment Kit and provide us the output. After the installation is done, open check storport prompt with administrator rights. Hi, Thank you for following up with check storport output.

How to Fix GSOD on Windows 10?

I believe performing such a check will be check storport. Do let us know how it goes for you.

Check storport will update you on this thread if I come across some more information on this issue.The Storport Verification feature monitors the interaction between a Storport miniport driver and the port driver. If the miniport driver misuses a routine, responds. In addition to the SCSI Port driver, Microsoft Windows Server and later versions provide Storport check storport, a storage port driver that is.

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