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Let it boot 7. Now, pull down the devices menu, go to the usb sub menu, and capture your memory stick 8.

Knoppix Adriane (technique)

Linux will auto discover the stick. Now you can use it as you want.

Without "irqpoll", knoppix mount usb give you the above errors, or in rare cases, it'll even manage to detect the drive and allocate a scsi entry, but it won't work. I see: Code:. Does anyone know if Parallels plans to fix this?

Can't mount USB drive in knoppix - Knoppix

I've been debating whether to pay for Parallels 3. I like the idea of supporting a startup company, but VMWare is the de-facto standard for Virtualization, and they seem to be more committed to supporting Knoppix mount usb. This is so frustrating, because usb-storage devices used to work fine with Parallels. DaveRensbergerJul 21, When moubt has finished, close all open windows for the USB drive. Join our community today! Older machines may require an unparitioned device while newer ones want to treat flash like a hard dive.


Knoppix mount usb fobs I have experimented with all come with one FAT parition already formatted. I don't know yet if grub will install on a "whole device". I stuck with a single FAT partition for this exercise.

This isn't strictly necessary since it is possible to create other partition types and filesystems on the fob. SanDisk tech support says "not supported" but what do they know.

It also maximizes the range of machines likely to find the fob bootable. Grub and Knoppix seem perfectly happy to run from a FAT partition.

The cluster size is quite large for FAT on a big fob, and there will be a lot of wasted space if you put many files on it. For a Knoppix-only install it doesn't manke much difference since the vast majority of files knoppix mount usb "inside" the compressed file system which is a single file on the FOB. It only makes a difference if you keep the rest of your life on the fob as I do. NOTE: I found out the hard way that any reformatting of the filesystem could make the fob unbootable on some systems. Formatting with Linux mkdosfs or with Windows XP's format before installing grub made the fob unbootable on the Intel system. It could still boot OK on my other systsems.


Knoppix Adriane technique The following modifications knoppix mount usb improve the access from Knoppix Adriane to Labdoo laptops, will improve usage for blind or visually impaired users, just to be used if you eant create a bootable USB stick via Knoppix Adriane and are knoppix mount usb recommended to experienced users. Store and close file. Install pico2wave To install it run in a terminal, when computer is connected to web: in terminal: sudo apt-get update Enter in terminal: up to Knoppix supports two types of external USB hard drive: Note:If the 'usbdisk' mount point doesn't exist, use an unused existing mount or create the mount point.

Help mounting a hard drive in Knoppix

I'm trying to use Knoppix to rescue the data on my wife's WinXP pro knoppix mount usb on which the boot sector is corrupted. I planned to copy her data over to a USB thumb drive, but don't know how to mount it. But your usb drive should be sdb because it is considered a 2nd hard disk.

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