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Most of what's in the Toneports comes from other existing Line 6 products, but the vocal preamp modelling is new.

Line 6 Toneport UX1 & UX2

There are models based on the analysis of Neve and Avalon high-end hardware, as well some deliberately coloured preamps. Even the clean preamps have a noticeably different character from each other, almost like changing microphones, which helps in getting a sound to suit gearbox toneport ux1 specific voice, though you can record your vocals without any modelling if you want to. The more obviously coloured or distorted 'genre' preamps also add the right kind of character, providing you restrict their use to the musical styles that rely on these more excessive vocal treatments. Again, you can use any of the general-purpose stomp effects to liven up the sound or just to add monitoring delay or reverb, though my preference would normally be to record without unnecessary processing so as to leave me with the flexibility to make changes when it comes to mixing.

These are used to shape the sound to your liking. Already have an account? It's easy!

The UX1 takes its lead from the GuitarPort and offers guitar amp, bass amp and mic preamp emulations in software, and also features an audio interface that provides all the gearbox toneport ux1 connectivity. The row of icons along the middle shows the signal path from left to right, with the selected amp model displayed above, and the effects displayed below.

Line 6 toneport ux1 software download

What makes the Toneports very gearbox toneport ux1 from conventional USB audio interfaces is the included Gearbox software. The easiest way to describe the operation of Gearbox is that the software amp models, which run on your computer, behave more as though they reside in the interface itself. By this I mean that when you come to select the Line 6 interface as an input source in your DAW software, the signal that arrives is already processed via the Gearbox gearbox toneport ux1 modelling section which opens as a separate program in a separate window from your DAW.

You don't have to mess around with Rewire or anything like that — what you hear is what you record. Or very nearly. Would you gearbox toneport ux1 to know how one would go about making the Toneport USB device an input device by default?

Line 6 Toneport UX1

Can u help me? Again, these bass-orientated emulations are very authentic. Quick question TF. Are you using the latest Line 6 Windows 7 Drivers? The sounds on offer are interesting and good quality sound card for that price. It is stable and the installation is quick and painless. The gearbox toneport ux1 is clean and the drivers are stable.

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The UX1 is clearly aimed at amateur Is that I like most is the ease of use, good quality recordings, you connect, play, great. Is my least favorite: the lack gearbox toneport ux1 stability Latency hang recording, The case of gearbox toneport ux1 sound card is the epitome is that we should not do, flashy, quality Manufacturing disgusting! The value for money is not bad but we pay particular software to the detriment of the quality of the sound card.

Software for using Toneport UX1 - POD Farm / POD Studio / TonePort - Line 6 Community

If I had to buy one, I'll try to find an equivalent of best quality and with soft leaves separated from the interface to be more expensive.Helix/HX Firmware This free firmware update for Helix® and HX hardware processors and the Helix Native plug-in introduces 8 new amp models, 8 new effects models, QWERTY Hotkeys, remote support for Powercab® Plus, DT25TM, and DT50TM, per-string volume for Variax®, and more. I've had a Toneport UX1 for quite a while now (7 years I think) but haven't used gearbox toneport ux1 for a while.

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I used to use the Gearbox software, but that.

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